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Smart Directory of Plant-Based Health Providers

Plantrician Providers is a powerful directory that will connect you with doctors, nurses, registered dietitians, health coaches and other healthcare professionals committed to using whole food, plant-based nutrition as a cornerstone in practice.

Beyond pills

Lifestyle medicine First

The healthcare professionals in this directory understand that healthcare must go beyond the prescribe-and-manage approach taught in most medical and nutrition programs.

Each member provider pledges that they are committed to using a whole food, plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine approach to healthcare.

Beyond Location

Using Technology to Bridge the gap

The Plantrician Provider directory can connect you quickly and easily with a doctor, nurse, registered dietitian or other telehealth provider capable of treating a growing list of conditions safely and securely using the common video features on your computer or smart-phone.   


Peace of Mind

Look for this symbol to find a provider that’s attended one or more of The Plantrician Project’s elite medical education events dedicated to presenting the current and progressive science supporting the efficacy of the whole food, plant-based nutrition and healthy lifestyle to prevent and reverse disease. The Plantrician Project has educated many thousands of doctors, nurses, registered dietitians, health coaches and other healthcare professionals over the past decade.


Connecting you with The information you need

Each Plantrician Provider’s profile displays their plant-based education and certifications so that you may decide if a provider is right for you.


What the Experts Say

Simple, Powerful, Fast

Find plant-based Providers that Meet your Needs

Medical Doctor

Doctor of Osteopathy

Naturopathic Doctor



Doctor of Health Science


Doctor of Psychiatry


Eastern Medicine Doctor

Physician Assistant

Nurse Practitioner

Registered Nurse

Registered Dietitian

Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapist

Licensed Therapist

Exercise Physiologist

Health Coach


Ayurvedic Practitioner

Nurse Midwife

Nutritional Counselor




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Thanks for visiting the Plantrician Providers Directory of plant-based clinicians. This directory is not in any way intended to be an endorsement of the qualifications, character or competency of the providers listed and/or the methods that these providers use for diagnosis and/or treatment. The Plantrician Project has not reviewed such information related to these providers.

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